About Us

Comprehensive Pain Management and Behavioral Health Services.

We believe in the holistic and comprehensive management of your mind and body. Every patient has the right to be evaluated holistically with focus on what your needs are. 

With two locations and growing in the DFW metroplex, we offer services that few others do. Be it helping you heal your body or soul, arrest the disruption to your life caused by chronic pain, depression or anxiety. 

We will see you quickly and intervene with the most appropriate treatments that you are comfortable with. 

Invicta HealthCare: Here to Help

We staff each Pain and Spine Physician medical office with board-certified doctors, who offer world-class care for those seeking help with acute and chronic pain.  We dedicate ourselves to the residents of the DFW Metroplex and treat each patient as an individual. No two people experience the same disease in the same way. We work together to create a treatment plan to get you the relief you need to continue living an active life, free of pain.

We utilize all the most modern treatments and processes to avoid the use of invasive surgery and unnecessary medications. Our staff provides a multi-modal regimen of different interventions including interventional procedures and medications and behavioral medicine to deliver the help you need.

Dr. Mathews

Dr Mathews started trained in London, UK prior to moving to train further at the Cleveland Clinic. Following completion of his residency, he went on to complete a fellowship in Pain Medicine where he gained expertise in interventional techniques including nerve blocks, medication management and rehabilitation techniques...

Dr. Abraham

Dr Abraham trained at the world famous Cleveland Clinic and is board certified in Psychiatry. She has extensive experience in managing clients suffering with depression, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, panic disorders, OCD, aspergers...