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How Do These Treatments Help Relieve Your Pain?

Suffering through lower back pain, as well as other areas along the spine or neck, shouldn’t be tolerated. Pain & Spine Physicians offer facet ablation or rhizotomy to help treat your pain. We put the reins back in your hands to accomplish your goals and live your best life.

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Facet Ablation / Rhizotomy

This method uses an electric probe to heat the nerve tissues with a radio wave. The affected area should see pain relief from anywhere between six months to an entire year. Ablation has proven itself in our experience as a safe and effective way to relieve yourself of pain with little to no complications.

Coolief Rhizotomy

This option uses an inter-cooled, electric probe that we insert into your sensory nerve in the affected area. Intercooling allows the zone of ablation to project further. We aim to disable the nerves just outside the joint to stop your brain from receiving the pain signals. You should experience lasting relief, from 6 months to many years. This technique is especially useful for knee and hip joints. Also, if it returns, the procedure can be repeated.

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